The Tibetan Book of Health
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By Nida Chenagtsang

With Foreword by Professor Robert Thurman

Co-published with Tibet House US Publications

A comprehensive overview of the theory and practice of Sowa Rigpa for both students of Tibetan Medicine and the general public. The first in a special series of texts co-published by SKY Press and Tibet House US Publications.

198 pages, full color.

A complete overview of the theory and practice of Traditional Tibetan Medicine including:

  • Explanation of the five elements and three humors
  • The origin of imbalance in the body, energy, and mind
  • Diagnosis
  • Case studies
  • Diet and lifestyle advice including appendix of herb, spices, and foods used for healing
  • Introduction to the external therapies used in Tibetan Medicine including Kunye massage, moxibustion, cupping, compresses, and bath therapy.
  • And much more!!

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