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Please enjoy a series of audio files of guided meditations available for purchase or for free.

Weapon of Light Audio Book


Full audio album with Tibetan Chanting of Dr Nida's root Tibetan verses, music by Tamding Arts, and and English reading of the text.

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Weapon of Light


Free digital download of English only reading of Dr Nida Chenagtsang's Tibetan verses entitled 'The Weapon of Light of the Primordial Wisdom which Vanquishes the Darkness of Samsara.'

Powerful instructions on how to work with and liberate the afflictive emotions according to the Ati Yoga tradition.

15 minutes, 20 seconds

monmo tashi chidren.JPG

Monmo's Ati Yoga

Digital Download of Guru Rinpoche's instructions on mind given in the 8th century to the great female master Monmo Tashi Chidren and revealed by Terton Guru Chowang.

As presented in Weapon of Light

Translation Ben Joffe

8 minutes, 22 seconds, guided analytical meditation

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