Sorig Khang Practice Manuals

SKY Press is the print house for the English language meditation practice manuals and Tibetan Medicine study guides used by Sorig Khang Centers in North America. A limited number of these texts that do not require transmission are available for purchase here. If you are a registered SKI center and would like to purchase texts at a wholesale rate for your courses, please contact us. Students of Sorig Khang International may purchase a variety of practice manuals from their local centers after receiving the proper instruction.


Texts Currently available for purchase by the general public:


Yuthok Nyingthig Ngondro

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Yuthok Nyingthig Ngöndro (Tib. གཡུ་ཐོག་སྙིང་ཐིག་སྔོན་འགྲོ། practice manual.

Text is 4 x 6 inches, bilingual Tibetan and English, with color images of the relevant visualizations. 

The Yuthok Nyingthigis a complete cycle of Vajrayana Buddhist practice, beginning with the preliminary practices and progressing through the highest spiritual methods. Ngöndro preliminary practices are the root of the tree from which all other Vajrayana practices grow. 


Coming Soon:


Ju Mipham's Medicine Buddha Healing Meditation


9-Fold Purification Breathing