Welcome to SKY Press

Sky Press is dedicated to bringing previously unpublished works on the traditional art of Tibetan medicine to a broader audience. Our inspiration comes from the charismatic Dr. Nida Chenagtsang - a global leader on Tibetan medicine and its related external therapies, and lineage holder of the unique meditation tradition, the Yuthok Nyingthig

The wish of good health is not only a common greeting across the world but it is a foundation for all communities. The centuries old art of Tibetan medicine remains unique as it combines and cross-references the most relevant points of Chinese, Indian and greater Asian medical training. It is a database of tested theories, continually being assessed and developed by practitioners.

Sky Press aspires to reach people, not just on a spiritual path, but anyone who wishes to learn more about their own health or the well being of others. We are committed to providing the public with information and support through a wide range of publications.

Sky Press is a quadrilingual publication house with books available in English, Italian, French, and Spanish with a broad international distribution network. 


“The nature of the sun’s disc is radiance that a thousand aeons of darkness cannot obscure.
Similarly, luminosity is the nature of one’s mind that aeons of confusion cannot darken.
Just as the nature of the sky transcends the limits of color and shape and is never stained by black or white clouds,
The nature of mind also transcends the limits of color and shape.”
— Shabkar Tsokdruk Rangdrol, Flight of the Garuda