Ngakmang Institute Tibetan Language Books


Ngakpas, also known as Tibetan yogis or mantrikas, are renowned in Tibet as powerful practitioners of meditation and ritual, often with great accomplishments and siddhis. Instead of taking the monastic vows of renunciation and celibacy, these lay practitioners typically balance intensive spiritual practices with family and householder life. Ngakmang ('many yogis') refers the community of lay tantric practitioners of Vajrayana Buddhism, especially thriving in the Rebkong area of Amdo – northeastern Tibet.

The vision of the Ngakmang Institute is to ensure a sustainable future for the wisdom traditions, sciences, and communities of the Himalayan and Tibetan regions and to ensure that traditional knowledge and ways of life aren’t lost, and maintain relevance to share with a changing world. One of the ways that this is done is by preserving the rich literary and spiritual tradition of these yogis through the publishing of their texts in the Tibetan language for future generations to come.

SKY Press proudly distributes a limited number of these texts outside of Tibet. All proceeds from the sale of these books goes towards Ngakmang Institute projects in the Himalayan regions.

We are currently offering copies of these Tibetan Language books signed by Dr Nida Chenagtsang to help support the creation of Dechen Khandro Ling (the place of the blissful dakini), a traditional Tibetan Medicine Clinic and Ngakma (yogini) meditation house neighboring the temple Rigdzin Rabpel Ling near Rebkong in Amdo, Tibet. The creation of this clinic will fulfill Dr Nida’s wishes of supporting the local community by providing a space where medicine and spirituality exist in conjunction and of offering women equal opportunity as men to study and practice dharma.